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Here at Crypto Ladder we would like to start off by saying, thank you for your support. We know that there are many platforms out there that claim, they can achieve the same results as we do. You chose Crypto Ladder, and you chose correctly.

Todays announcement is to inform the community that, we have reached our trading pool goal. Our trading pool amount is based off of current order book liquidity. This is to maximize full trade execution, which in return allows for limited slippage and higher profits per trade.

This means as of today we are no longer accepting new members publicly. For all of you already registered and deposited nothing has changed, everything will continue as it has been.

Please keep in mind that allowing new members to join, can change in the future if order book liquidity increases. As of right now new members will be on a “invite only” basis, and reviewed by our team individually.

Crypto ladder has been performing very well, and we could not have done it with out YOU our members.

We would like to show our appreciation on 6/01/2020 is CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY.

Everyone's account will receive an extra 1% profit!

Thank You for your support

The Crypto Ladder Team


We use a set of indicators and a team of experts that monitor the market 24 hours a day. Our trading method has been rigorously tested to ensure the highest results out there. These test and results have exceeded our expectations, the results will surpass yours.

Our trading pool is now open to anyone looking to participate.

How your contribution to the pool will work to generate a 20% return on BTC deposited in an average of 60 days.

1. Select an amount you would like to contribute (minimum 0.01 BTC, maximum 5 BTC) and send it to the pool BTC address listed on the site.

2. Your deposited BTC will be added to the trading pool (minus 1% deposit fee).

3. At the end of each day, you will receive your portion of the trades.

4. This will continue to occur for approximately (2 months) or until you reach 120%.

5. Once you reach 120%, your contract has completed, and you are free to move on or start a new contract.

Deposit = .1 BTC
Fee = 1%
Pool Deposit = 0.099 BTC
Target 120% = 0. 0.1188 BTC
Returns on Average (Results are typically higher)
Daily = .16% per day or 0.0001584 BTC profit
Weekly = 1.12% per week or 0.0011088 BTC Profit
Monthly = 4.8% per month or .004752 BTC Profit
(This continues for approximately 17 weeks)
TOTAL = 120% profit on pool
Contract Ends when 120% has been returned.
This is simply an example. No guarantees of these weekly percentages / results.

How does it work?


Deposit at least 0.01 BTC into your account


Sit back and collect your earnings updated daily


Withdraw your funds anytime up to 20% of your earned amount


Yes. When you deposit funds into your account, there is a nonrefundable 1% fee.

Yes. When you withdraw funds into your account, there is a nonrefundable 1% fee.

Yes, you can withdraw your funds anytime, but you must withdraw the entire balance.

Once you reach 20% earned of your investment, you will no longer earn until you elect to withdraw your funds or revinest all your earnings. By Reinvesting, you will now earn off your NEW balance!

No. You will need to initiate the withdraw process from your account or click the reinvest button.

This can take up to 7 days depending on market movement, trades in process, third party exchange limits.

No. This is part of our marketing program. When you initially sign up, you must choose a promoter. If you're interested in becoming one of our promoters, please send us an email with an explanation of why you would be a good fit.

Earnings will be updated once per 24 hours

2FA is a two-factor authenticator, that helps to secure your account.

When you setup your account, you must attach the BTC address of your choice. Withdrawal addresses are locked on registration. Any changes you need to submit a support ticket

When you make a deposit, you won't earn for AT LEAST 24 hours after the deposit. (Example, if you deposit at 1pm Est and our next update is 10am the next morning, you wouldn't get updated until the 2nd update another day later).

We deal in BTC in, BTC out. We do not put a USD value on your portfolio.

Our goal is to make you between 5-10% per month. Via several months of testing, we have produced this on a consistent basis. While we do everything in our power to ensure success, nothing is guaranteed. By sending your BTC to this program you understand the high risk involved.

As of now, we do not allow US Customers.